Welcome to CTAIRA

The Specialist Aviation Consultancy

We offer unparalleled levels of experience, expertise and integrity for clients within the aviation industry and related stakeholders. CTAIRA was formed in 2002 by Chris Tarry, recognised as the world's leading independent airline analyst.

Our focus is on all aspects of commercial aviation. Our clients include small, medium and major airlines, private equity houses, Government and regulatory bodies, airports banks and manufacturers. Our continually expanding client list is primarily based in Europe, the Middle East and Asia. Where necessary CTAIRA forms teams of established experts focused to address particular issues and it is also brought in to other groupings to add our independent and specialist perspectives. To find out how CTAIRA could help your business please call 01892 520207, or email christarry@ctaira.com. 


Services Offered

We believe that a strong research base is fundamental requirement to give both understanding and credibility. Whilst we undertake first principles research for a number of clients our main focus and strength is on the interpretation of events and consequences; the so called "so what" approach. CTAIRA provides services in the following areas:

·         Strategy - The development and testing of strategies

·         Valuation - Perspectives of companies and individual assets

·         Market Issues - Evaluation of opportunities and competitor analysis

·         Financial - Business Plan evaluation and analysis

·         Due Diligence reviews

·         Scenario development and evaluation

The Specialist Aviation Consultancy